About John Dalesandro

Howdy! My name is John Dalesandro and this site focuses on my personal experiences in software development and, in general, information technology. I am a software engineer by trade who likes to dabble in new technologies so that I may use them in my own professional assignments. I try to post information that may save a random passerby a few hours of stumbling, but it also serves as a reference for when I forget how I did something. It’s just a small addition to all the great information posted by others across the web which, in turn, saved me many hours of stumbling.

This is a personal site and, as such, the posts represent my personal opinion. I will delete inappropriate or spam comments. If you have questions about any posts, please ask in the comments section. However, please appreciate that I may not be able to immediately respond.

Feel free to look around and I hope you find something useful.