Google Calendar Sync With Multiple Calendars

I was looking for a way to have multiple calendars synchronized with my iPhone so that I could have access to all of my meetings and appointments. This included several personal calendars maintained in Google Calendar as well as a work calendar in Microsoft Outlook. One of the nice features of Google Calendar is its ability to have several sub-calendars so that you can maintain clear separation of personal events from work events, etc. without having everything commingled. Given that nice feature, I thought Google Calendar Sync, which has a few options for syncing a Microsoft Outlook calendar with Google Calendar, would allow me to choose which Google Calendar to sync with the Outlook events. Unfortunately, Google Calendar Sync sends all events to the default calendar and there is no option to send events to a sub-calendar. As a workaround, I had to create an additional Google account which has its own Google Calendar. I then configured Google Calendar Sync to one-way sync Microsoft Outlook events to this new calendar. I then shared the new calendar with my original Google account. Within the Google mobile sync options for my iPhone, I chose to sync both my default calendar (personal items) and the shared calendar (work items). This allows me to maintain a clear separation between personal and work calendars while giving me access to view everything from my iPhone.

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