Head Trimmer Plugin for WordPress

The Head Trimmer plugin for WordPress adds the capability to selectively disable or remove extras from the HEAD element. The plugin settings provides options to pick and choose from the following list. Please carefully consider which options are selected. From an SEO perspective, it is not recommended to remove relational links or disable feeds, but the option to do so (or not) is available.


  • Remove WordPress Version
  • Remove WordPress Version from Scripts and Styles
  • Remove Shortlink
  • Remove Shortlink from HTTP Response Headers
  • Remove Relational Links for Posts Adjacent to Current Post
  • Disable Feeds
  • Remove Really Simple Discovery Link for xmlrpc (rsd_link)
  • Remove Windows Live Writer Manifest File Link (wlwmanifest_link)
  • Remove oEmbed Discovery Links
  • Remove REST API Link
  • Remove REST API Link Header
  • Remove Emoji Support
  • Remove Global Styles and SVG Filters (duotone filters)
  • Remove Gutenberg Block CSS Styles (or set ‘should_load_separate_core_block_assets’)
  • Classic Theme Styles (classic-theme-styles)
  • Remove DNS Prefetch for //s.w.org
  • Remove DNS Prefetch for Google Fonts //fonts.googleapis.com
  • Remove jQuery

Download the Plugin

Head Trimmer Plugin | WordPress.org


Head Trimmer – Settings
Head Trimmer – Settings