Minimal Contact Form Plugin for WordPress

There are many contact form plugins available for WordPress. These plugins tend to be highly configurable in order to produce complex forms. They typically require some effort to set up even for the simplest contact form and, invariably, they never produce exactly what I need because they cater to a large user base with infinite data collection needs. I wanted a minimal contact form that allows a user to complete a basic, four field form in order to submit a message through the website with no set up involved.

The Minimal Contact Form plugin produces a simple form to capture Name, Email, Subject, and Message fields. When the user submits the form, the input is sent to the WordPress defined Admin email address. The look and feel of the form can be changed through your child theme’s style sheet, but it isn’t a mandatory step.

Once the plugin is installed and activated, the shortcode “mcf_contact” is used to display the form on the desired page.

Minimal Contact Form Plugin Code

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