WordPress Minimal Contact Form Plugin

There are many contact form plugins available for WordPress. These plugins tend to be highly configurable in order to produce complex forms. They typically require substantial effort to configure even for the simplest contact form. These plugins cater to a large user base with infinite data collection needs.

This is the opposite of those plugins.

The WordPress Contact Form plugin is a minimalist, zero configuration contact form plugin to produce a four field form allowing a user to submit a message through the website. It collects basic information for a message (name, e-mail address, subject, and message) and sends it to the blog administrator’s e-mail address. Simply create a new page or post and add the shortcode “mcf_contact_form”. The contact form is displayed on the post/page and any message submissions will be sent to the blog administrator’s e-mail address specified in the site settings. The look and feel of the form can be adjusted by adding custom CSS styles to your theme.

Given the minimalist nature of this plugin, it works well as a simple way of connecting with your readers without providing an e-mail address directly on the site.

Once the plugin is installed and activated, the shortcode mcf_contact_form is used to display the form on the desired page.

Spam messages are also blocked when used in conjunction with the WordPress Spam Blocker Plugin.

Download the Plugin

WordPress Minimal Contact Form Plugin